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Sealy Beds and Mattresses

Sealy is the biggest bed brand in the world. They have developed some of the most innovative and technologically advanced materials and processes aimed at improving quality of sleep.

Smart fibres are standard in the vast majority of the Sealy ranges, helping to keep the sleeping environment cool, fresh, dry and hypoallergenic. As a result, Sealy are accredited by Allergy UK.

Our bodies are not uniform so why should our mattresses be any different? Carefully developed “zoning” gives greater support where it is needed and are softer in other areas such as the hips, to help support and align the spine and reduce the usual aches and pains you can get from a mattress.

Sealy exceed the highest standards for quality, safety, product traceability and fire retardancy. That is why they boast a ten year combined guarantee and warranty on all beds and mattresses.