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Stollers Style Guide

Inspiration and Style ideas from Stollers

  • How to Set Up Your First Home Office

    Many companies have introduced working from home policies since the Coronavirus outbreak. But if you’ve never worked remotely before it could be quite intimidating to wonder what you would need to create the perfect office environment. Follow our tips below to create a productive and relaxing environment to complete your work.

    Identify & Create A List Of Needs

    Your office needs will depend on the type of career and sector you work in. For freelancers or those in a more laidback field, you may just need a laptop and a notebook to start working, but if you work in a more specialised field you may need more technical equipment.

    It may be a good idea to create a list of what you need as a must, what it would be nice to have and what you want to work towards - this could be higher quality equipment or the perfect wall art.

    Find A Dedicated Spot In Your House

    To avoid distractions in the home, finding a quiet place to focus is quintessential to working efficiently, this is notably important if you share a house with roommates, a partner, or children.

    It is important to try and find a spare room with a door to reduce distractions and noise, this is especially important if you’re working with sensitive information. Having this dedicated room will also help you turn into ‘Work Mode’ and aid your focus during working hours.

    If you’re unable to find a devoted room to act as your office space, a desk in a quiet nook of your house will still be suitable. Ensure you aren’t using this desk for anything else other than work or it may disrupt your ability to concentrate.

    Picking The Right Furniture

    Although it may be tempting to plop down at the kitchen table or buy cheap furniture to get you through, if you’re serious about working from home you will need to find office furniture that will keep you comfortable and supported for a full day of work, week in week out.

    Investing in a proper office chair that will support your back with a spacy desk that means you won’t be cramped up will be a great impact on your health, as well as keeping you happy and motivating you to be as productive as in the office.

    Create An Inviting Space

    You will want to make sure the space you’re working in is inviting to spend time in, to ensure you don’t slack off or spend time worrying about putting those boxes in the corner of the room into the loft. Ensuring you have an empty space, adding a lick of paint to brighten the room, adding artwork, soft furnishings or plants will create a relaxing environment to keep you focused.

    Consider Your Office Lighting

    Working in a dull room will cause you eye strain and headaches, as you try and focus, adding appropriate lighting to your office, will allow you to be more productive and healthier.

    If you have windows in your office ensure curtains are open wide and windows are opened throughout the day to provide airflow. If you don’t have appropriate natural lighting you can add lamps to your room. Consider adding a desk or standing lamp for written work or a wall lamp to provide light all day.

    Pulling Together The Finished Piece

    Ensure you have everything ready for your first working day. Adding all the final decorations and hanging your painting will ensure you’re prepared for work as the clock ticks to 9 am. Don’t forget to give yourself regular breaks and spend time away from your desk to give your body a break.

    Stollers is one of the largest independent furniture stores in the UK. Get in touch with a Stollers expert today to receive tailored advice and recommendations on office furniture and accessories.

  • How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

    If you’re no longer happy with your living room layout, you should probably know that creating a well-proportioned space is a whole geometry project in itself. Arguably considered the focal point of a home, the living room is often seen as a conversation area, a “social spot” or a relaxation space. 

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  • How To Host A Successful Dinner Party In Three Steps

    Dinner parties are great opportunities to celebrate your achievements, birthdays or anniversaries with your loved ones. However, many people steer clear of hosting dinner parties due to the amount of pressure that comes with trying to be a good host and making guests feel great. If you’ve found yourself to be in this position, fear no more! Follow our three simple steps that will guarantee you an unforgettable dinner party.   Continue reading
  • How to Stop Your Cat Scratching Furniture

    If you’ve got a cat who loves scratching your furniture, you’re probably wondering how to make them stop. Cats love to scratch as part of their playful nature. However, too much scratching of your furniture can cause irreversible damage. We’ve put together this handy guide of tips so you can prevent your cat from shredding your sofas and chairs!

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  • 6 Top Furniture Trends for 2020

    Pink Sofa

    While classic designs will never go out of fashion, it’s always great to discover new trends… and interior design is no exception.

    Each year, there are usually a few new styles of furniture that stand out and make their mark across interior design magazines, Instagram and Pinterest. From the views of leading designers to the trends shared at furniture shows, we discuss the latest furniture styles expected to influence 2020.

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  • How to Create the Perfect Home Office


    There are a great number of advantages to working from home, many people are choosing to partially or fully commit their time to it. While it’s great to save money on commuting or have your own kitchen at hand, working from home is mostly about flexibility. This means you can set your own schedule to work as well as being able to design your working space.

    Whether you have a dedicated room for your home office or whether you’re incorporating it into another room, you can create the perfect space to work in. The key to working from home successfully is creating a space where you can work efficiently somewhere you wouldn’t usually work well. In this blog, we’ll show you some tips on how to create the perfect office space in your home.

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  • 6 Best Ways to Style a Coffee Table


    Whether you’ve already purchased your ideal coffee table or you’re still looking for a statement occasional table, we can help you create your living room dream space. Read our top tips below, as we explore the best ways to style a coffee table.

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  • A Guide to Mix and Match Chairs

    Yellow dining set

    Interior design is moving away from the hard-line rule of matching every piece of furniture to the other. Instead, we are seeing new trends of combining styles, colours, and designs to create wonderful and unique homes. Mixing and matching chairs allow the homeowner to add more personality to their space, without hunting for the exact chair to correspond precisely with the rest of the furniture. By being flexible and able to customise your seating solutions, you will be able to fit your furniture around you and your home, rather than the other way round. For this blog, we’ll be looking at how you can mix and match your dining room seating however this doesn’t exclude you from also experimenting with living room furniture. If you’re feeling brave you can incorporate your armchairs, recliners and occasional chairs into a tasteful aesthetic for your space.

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  • Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximise Space

    Ultimately the bedroom can just be a place to store clothes and have a good night's sleep but it is also comforting to have the space for activities. We’re all familiar with waking up next to oversized furniture, with little room to manoeuvre whilst getting ready but it doesn’t have to be that way. The chances are that your house will have a smaller bedroom. City apartments, townhouses, vintage homes or modern downsized spaces can all have small bedrooms but don’t necessarily need to feel small. Here we’ll take you through our small bedroom ideas to maximise space this year.

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  • Small Dining Room Ideas to Maximise Space in 2019

    Food on a dinner table

    Since the new millennium, there has been a growing trend for larger furniture, from grand rectangle dining tables with relatively big chairs to oversized sofas and wardrobes. We’re all familiar with leaving the dinner table to have your chair hit the wall or having to squeeze past others around the table. If you have a modest dining room, most furniture designed for a large home won’t fit your needs so you’ll want to make the most of the space. Here we’ll look at seven smart ideas for maximising space in a small dining room to give you more room to breathe with family or entertaining guests.

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