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Tetrad Harris Tweed

Tetrad Harris Tweed. Made in Britain
Harris Tweed Handmade Sofas
Dalmore Tweed Sofa - Tetrad
Dalmore Tweed Sofa - Tetrad
Harris Tweed Fabrics

Tetrad | Classic Harris Tweed sofas, armchairs & footstools ...

The concept of Tetrad furniture focuses on the pride taken by its expert designers and artists in creating unique, hand-crafted pieces that give life and add character to any living space.

The Harris Tweed Collection translates into the merger of Tetrad’s skilled craftsmanship and the prestigious Harris Tweed cloth, creating a collection of luxurious fabric furniture which both quality and style.

Originating from the Outer Hebrides region of Scotland, the Harris Tweed fabric gained its protective ‘Orb’ Trademark in the early 20th century and is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament. From start to finish, skilled artisans oversee every stage of production ensuring flawless artistry and elegant design which provides style and comfort.

This line features a wide range of traditional designs with colour palettes focusing on warm tones, soft lines and nailhead or tufted details.

A mixture of tweed fabrics and leather gives the collection a historical but welcoming flair. If you want your living room to tell its own story, pair the Tetrad Dalmore Brown Tweed & Leather Sofa with a matching accent chair and create an outstanding duo around your fireplace or coffee table.

If you are looking for quality sofas and chairs in a sumptuous fabric, then the Harris Tweed Collection is what you have been waiting for.

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10 Item(s)

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